Wedding magazine: tips for the bride and groom

How to keep the spark

When was the last time you told and showed the dearest person in your life that you love them and how important they are to you? - This morning when you said goodbye? When you made his breakfast sandwich or took an unpleasant task off his hands? There are countless little moments in everyday life to show how much someone else means to you. These small loving gestures that show thoughtfulness and respect are what keep love fresh. In everyday life, this can get lost in the daily life, stress and habit. Even though it shouldn't be that way, of course. "Your" wedding couple can therefore be given some valuable tips and tricks in your self-designed wedding magazine, so that they have the best chance of creating an everyday life full of love and loving gestures. If they think about it.

Tips for a wedding magazine full of love

As friends and relatives of the bride and groom, you know them best. You know what they like and can probably also judge pretty well what little tokens of love suit them. Sit down together and gather your best tips. Also consider what from your own experience is suitable for your tip page.

Inspiration for our ideas:

  • Listening to each other and being interested in each other and their issues
  • Bringing the first coffee of the day to bed
  • Point out the new episodes of your favorite show
  • Cook your favorite dish
  • Hiding small notes with love messages in your jacket pocket
  • When things are going badly, stick together especially closely
  • Start a common hobby
  • Hold each other's hand whenever you want to