Wedding magazine: Mr and Mrs game

Wedding games and relationship horoscope

The tips below can take your wedding magazine to the highest level.

1. Play the Mr and Mrs game together

If you go to the wedding template in the makerspace, you will find the rules, the cards and the scoring on pages 18 and 19.

The game in short:
Scan and print the cards 4 times (the scoring may be done once). The idea is that you first fill in a set of cards about yourself, because those will be the answer cards for your fiancé. Then fill in the second set of cards by answering the questions about your fiancé. Compare each other's answers together and find out how much you know about each other. Each correct answer is worth the number of points indicated at the top of the card. Add up the points and... we have a winner of the Mr. and Mrs. game. The winner of the game receives a ... from his/her fiancée (agree in advance).

2. Do the marriage test

Similar to the Mr. and Mrs. game is the marriage test, in which the couple also answers questions about each other. But here he/she has the choice between a, b or c answers. Find out if his/her love for you indeed goes to the moon and back. To do this, go to the wedding template in the makerspace.

3. Horoscope: 'Is it a match made in heaven?

What do the stars say about your union or that of your parents (golden wedding)? Find out using sources such as the horoscope of Libelle magazine. Go to wedding template in the makerspace.