Romantic poems in a wedding magazine

Love is not simple
Love is not as simple
as candlelight and roses…
…love is day-to-day living,
taking time, making time to be there,
with open arms and a giving heart…
Love is the special life we share.

At a wedding, the bride and groom make a commitment for life. Romantic, exciting and special. This event deserves an appropriate gift, a personalised glossy as a wedding present. A number of these beautiful, romantic poems make the glossy complete.

Roll on the wedding
The band has been booked, the cake has been made,
the photographer’s chosen, all bills have been paid.
The guests are decided, the menu too;
Something borrowed? Check! Ditto old and blue.

The stationery’s been ordered, along with the flowers,
favours are done after fiddling for hours.
The stag do’s a blur, same goes for the Hen
won’t be drinking that much in one sitting again!

The dress has been picked, accessories bought;
there’s nothing to schedule, no more to sort.
After endless to-do lists for over a year,
it’s time to relax; the big day is here!

Sitting here with my girls as our hair gets done,
I can’t help feeling lucky to have found ‘the One’
Just think, by lunchtime I’ll be his new wife!
Roll on the wedding, and our new married life!

Unique and original

It is said that a wedding day is the most beautiful day of your life. A day of celebration with only highlights, and an abundance of gifts. For example, a personalised magazine for the bride and groom. Their own glossy with personal photos, happy stories, and funny anecdotes. With poems and best wishes from family and friends. This way, you can create a unique and original wedding present for the young couple.

We have gathered beautiful poems, which you can place in the magazine. With these poems you will give the magazine an extra touch of romance. Surprise the bride and groom with these poems and you will see that the couple will beam with pride and gratitude while reading these beautiful texts. They can also be used as a golden wedding anniversary poem.

Wedding magazine

A magazine filled with love
Made by friends, family and the inlaws
Specially filled with all sorts of
Written rounds of applause

Making a wedding magazine together

You can make a personalised magazine as a wedding gift together with family or friends. You invite everyone to create one or more pages about the bride and groom. The fun part is that everyone has their own distinct creative way of filling their page. The result is a cheerful magazine with he bride and groom in the lead.