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Have you been married for 25 years? The silver wedding anniversary is a milestone which stands for 25 years of shared moments and memories. An anniversary that calls for a special gift. For example a handmade magazine. A magazine about the bridal couple for their silver wedding anniversary made by their friends and family is a unique present with which you will undoubtedly surprise them.

Are your parents soon to be married for 25 years or does your brother, sister or friend celebrate their silver wedding? Celebrate a quarter of a century together with them and make a personal magazine specially for them. Collect your most beautiful stories, most precious memories and pictures together in a personal magazine. A silver wedding anniversary present for the happy couple made by all their dearest people in their life.

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Make an anniversary present in the makerspace Share your creation and work together on the magazine by assigning pages to your family and friends. Collect all these precious stories and record them in a magazine which is exactly what you wished for.

How do I make my own wedding anniversary present?

  1. Choose one of the anniversary magazine templates.
  2. Customize the template to your own preference.
  3. Assign pages to the family and friends of the bridal couple celebrating their silver wedding anniversary.
  4. Once all the pages are turned in, give it the finishing touch.
  5. Place your order and let the present be delivered at the preferred location.
silver anniversary magazine template

...make it with love in the style and edition you have in mind...

As a professional magazine or as a book with hardcover, make a magazine about the silver wedding anniversary which the recipient can enjoy again and again. You can also receive a PDF or an online browse magazine of your anniversary magazine. Our makerspace is free and open for use. No downloads, payments in the app and no subscriptions. Open for everyone to make an anniversary gift together.

Jilster glossy magazine style

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Every year thousands of makers make stories that matter in Jilsters makerspace - including wedding gifts. We believe in a world where you have access to stories that matter. We are thankful for all those creators who have shared their stories with us. We welcome you to share your story; every story matters.

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Would you like to know more about making your own silver wedding anniversary magazine?
You can ask all your questions about the making of the silver wedding anniversary magazine in our FAQ. The makerspace is easy to use and just to be sure, we have some tutorials that can help you get started.