Farewell gift for work colleagues

Make a great gift when a colleague leaves the team

Farewell to your favourite colleague

It is always sad when a good colleague or favourite colleague leaves the company. After all, there are many good reasons: a great job offer, a move away for personal reasons, the birth of a child, but also a well-deserved retirement or a sabbatical. As sad as it is to let a colleague go, a proper and appropriate "goodbye" should not be missing. A loving, warm farewell includes a personal farewell gift, doesn't it? Preferably it should be something personal, but it should also look as high quality as possible, be from everyone - and be guaranteed to please the recipient ... So it's complicated.

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Gift to say goodbye to a colleague

The boss gives a bouquet of flowers. But what does the team give? Do you know this perplexity? - Ideas are collected, heads are spinning, if you're lucky. But often the team can't come to a common denominator because everyone has different ideas. And sometimes there are no suggestions at all because everyone is at a loss. So what now? - Why not create a personal farewell magazine for the colleague who is leaving the team? Here you can collect very personal memories, texts and pictures and create a professional layout. Then have the magazine printed: as a simple, stapled magazine, as a glued magazine or even as a hard-bound book. Sounds good, doesn't it?

How to make your own farewell magazine

Start by asking everyone who wants to take part. Is everyone in? That's great. Then arrange a secret meeting right away. This can also take place virtually after work or in the café around the corner. If it's all too complicated, appoint a small, committed team of three to drive your secret project forward? First, draw up a timetable. When is the farewell party? When does the magazine have to be ready? Be sure to plan a few days buffer for delivery delays or sick days, dalliances or other things that are guaranteed to come up. Here you should discuss what content will go into the magazine (more on this below), who will take on which section, who can contribute suitable photos, who has an aesthetic hand and will take care of the layout, who is spell-checked and will proofread at the end ...

One becomes editor-in-chief

Before things really get started, you should appoint one person to pull the strings. This person should have an overview of the schedule (very important) and enjoy organising. This person could be the editor-in-chief of Jilster, create a new magazine and then invite everyone else by email. Beforehand, you should definitely decide together on a layout or style. In the makerspace you will find many beautiful, professionally designed magazine templates. You can access all these magazines in the makerspace and put together the pages as you like. You can adapt all the templates to your own ideas at any time. In the magazine you have created, the editor-in-chief can assign certain pages to individual people, so that not everyone can work on the whole magazine, but only on predefined parts. And then you're ready to go.

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Topics for your farewell magazine gift

And what can you write about in such a farewell magazine? Collect ideas, you can always throw them out later. Here are our ideas for you:

  • Quiz or riddle about the company, the team, the colleagues
  • Greetings page with good wishes from everyone
  • Milestones of the colleague in the company
  • Compilation of the funniest memories and episodes
  • Snapshots from their time together, from parties, everyday work, outings etc.
  • Favourite recipes from the canteen to recook
  • List the successes of the departing colleague