Make your own CV magazine

Stand out with a professional CV magazine

This is possible in the makerspace. Turn your cover letter and curriculum vitae into a beautiful magazine or folder. You can make your CV magazine exactly as you want it and adapt it for different applications. Present yourself in a unique way and place your Curriculum Vitae in your own magazine.

Looking for a sample CV? Check out the example of Stefanie Jansen, who made her own CV magazine in the makerspace.

resume spread.webp

Why make a CV as magazine?

Your Curriculum Vitae is the first thing an employer looks at. He or she takes an average of 9 seconds to do so. It is therefore important to make an impression with your CV in a short space of time so that you are invited for a job interview. With a CV magazine you stand out from the dozens of other applicants and you immediately make a difference.

How do you make a CV magazine?

Step 1. An expressive cover
After you have created a free account, you can start right away with your CV magazine. Start with a striking cover. Choose a high quality photo, state your name and place a few short, catchy texts.

Step 2. Personal data and experience
Now you can start filling in all your personal details. Do this for example on the 2nd page of your magazine. Do this manually or use information that is already on LinkedIN or Facebook.

Then you start adding your education(s), work history, internships, skills and references. Everything that is important to put on a CV is covered in this step. In the makerspace it is always possible to add, change or delete data. So with every new application you expand your CV and make a difference.

You determine the layout of your CV magazine yourself; design your own pages or make use of the templates. This way, your CV magazine becomes a true reflection of who you are on a personal and professional level.

Step 3. Create a physical magazine or a free online CV
Is your CV magazine complete? Then you can share it online or put it on your website. You can also choose to have your Curriculum Vitae professionally printed. Send it to a potential employer and who knows, you might get your dream job.