Make your own portfolio magazine

Stand out with a unique portfolio magazine

Do you want to stand out in your current team? Are you looking for another job? It's all about presenting yourself creatively. Standing out from the crowd and letting yourself shine in an authentic way.

Show your true self
Make a magazine as a portfolio in which you represent yourself or your creations. In a magazine you can express your personal style. It is a reflection of yourself. You show who you are and what your passion and style is. You can also describe the kind of work you like to do and the clients you have worked for. A magazine is easy to take with you anywhere and you can leave it as a business card with your (potential) clients.

Why a portfolio?
As a freelancer, you can't really do without a portfolio. Are you just starting out as a self-employed person? Then you want to build a portfolio as soon as possible, even if it is only by doing a few free assignments. A portfolio does not have to contain only paid projects. With a portfolio you actually say: 'hey, here I am and this is what I can do'.

  • You show your expertise.
  • You show which clients you have already worked for.
  • You can show what kind of assignments and sectors you are interested in.
  • You can show exactly how and what you have done.

Art is inside of you, express yourself
We love to help you shine. To make it easy for you, we have portfolio templates in the makerspace for you to choose from. Give your CV a boost and make a strong impression, guaranteed.