Farewell magazine colleague

A farewell gift with a personal cover

When a colleague leaves the team, it can be very sad. Because a great team, with whom work is really fun and motivating, is so important. After all, you usually spend more time with the people at work than with anyone else. It's sad, of course, when a colleague leaves the company - for retirement, parental leave, maternity leave or to another company. Then it's time to celebrate a farewell. Of course, a special farewell gift is also due to remind the colleague of the special time with you! Why not create a joint magazine with the whole team about the great time as a farewell gift? There's plenty of room for anecdotes, photos, farewell greetings and much more. In the team you will certainly find many other topics and contents that should not be missing. Design the magazine according to your taste and perhaps also adapt it to the company colors and thus make a very individual gift. This is guaranteed to be well received and the recipient will enjoy browsing through it again and again.


How do you make your own farewell colleague magazine?

  1. Choose one of our magazine templates.
  2. Customize the magazine template to your liking.
  3. Share the pages of your farewell magazine with your colleagues from the team.
  4. Think about how to create a matching cover, perhaps using our personal file template.
  5. When all the pages are complete, make the final corrections.
  6. Submit your order and have your farewell gift delivered directly to work or home.


A special magazine cover

For the finished farewell magazine, the cover is still the icing on the cake. Check out our magazine templates in the makerspace for lots of ideas. For a farewell magazine for a colleague, we particularly like the personal file cover. We took the classic paper personal file as a model and used it to create a beautiful cover template. If that doesn't fit the theme perfectly? Do you like our cover for the farewell magazine? - We've saved the template for you in the makerspace. You can use this template in the Jilster makerspace in your magazine project and adapt it according to your own wishes and ideas.