Gift for daughter's 30th birthday

It is difficult to surprise a 30-year-old daughter for her birthday. As a child, she always guessed what was in presents. Almost as if she could see through the paper. Do you recognise this in your daughter? You can still really surprise her with a glossy.

Making a magazine with her own stories and memories is a gift she hasn't had before and is very personal. You ask her friends, relatives and colleagues to write a piece and send it to you with a photo. You set a deadline for them to respond. Every day, when you get out of work, you check your mailbox. You are pleasantly surprised by the nice, touching and funny texts and photos. It is very nice to experience how others see and know your daughter.

All the colours of the rainbow
You can choose to categorise the pages by colour. For example, pages with friends are yellow, colleagues are purple and family members are green. You can also create advertisements for things you think would suit your daughter. An ad about her favourite brand of sunglasses, brand of car, holiday destination and house she lives in.

Unique photos
Together with your husband, her child(ren), your daughter's friend and yourself, have your picture taken by a professional photographer. The photographer will take three photos of each of you in three different outfits. You will be photographed once in work clothes, leisure clothes and with your hobby. This photo section will be given its own title, such as 'Sweetest friend, nice father, only brother and unique mother' and will be placed in the magazine.


The result is fantastic and your daughter will be very surprised. After that, you can make many more, because there are more fun birthdays and celebrations to come. What's more, you can reuse the pages that you have created as templates as a gift for another daughter or son.