How to make an advertisement in your magazine?

A professional magazine is easily recognized by its cover, its content (regular sections) and the ratio of text to photos. These elements together determine the identity of a magazine. If you browse through a magazine, you will usually come across a table of contents, colophon, column, news article, interview and advertisement page. The nice thing about an advertisement is that you can do anything with it.



First of all, it's important to think about what you want to achieve with your advertisement. What kind of effect do you want to create? If you are creating a personalized magazine for someone, you can associate them with their favorite sandwich filling or drink in the form of an ad. Do you want to make that person laugh, mock, or address them in a somewhat "stern" manner?

If you want to create a business advertisement, it is especially important that you think carefully about the business purpose of your advertisement. For example, do you want people to think more positively about a product or do you mainly want to contribute to the brand awareness of a company, product or service?

The main idea


Next, choose a main message and word it as excitingly as possible. Keep in mind your target audience or reader. In the advertisement above, the main message is put forward in a descriptive way. The main message uses text to entices the reader to buy Donnelly's Skinless Sausages. To help sell the product, the advertisement uses words such as juicy, meaty, fresh and pure.



Draw the reader into your advertisement with an eye-catching image or a tantalizing headline. Choose a striking font, appropriate color(s) and appealing photo. Even though this Nike advertisement is in black and white, the message is inspiring and beautiful, focusing on the "desire to achieve greatness". Be creative!