Honeymoon guide for the wedding magazine

10 classic, romantic and fun tips for an unforgettable honeymoon

Do you still have a romantic corner free in your self-designed wedding magazine for a honeymoon guide?
When the wedding takes place, the honeymoon is already booked. The couple has planned their unforgettable honeymoon. Nevertheless, a few tips for the honeymoon can be quite helpful. Which tips would you like to give to "your wedding couple"? Let our tips inspire you:

10 tips for the classic honeymoon guide.

  1. Communication is key: Talk about the honeymoon trip together beforehand and share your expectations. If you have different ideas, you can surely find some compromises.
  2. Don't set your expectations too high. It's your time together. Just the two of you, as you are. It doesn't have to be the most spectacular vacation ever.
  3. Be flexible with your plans. If you thought lots of excursions and action were right for you, and now you feel more like rest and relaxation - go for it!
  4. Try something new together: Surf, climb, book a massage, meditate....
  5. Don't forget to check the credit card budget in advance and maybe increase it.
  6. Even though it may sound old-fashioned: Keep a travel diary with photos and short reports of what you experienced. This way, you could record your memories for later, for example in a self-designed travel magazine.
  7. During the trip, take time each day to talk about your expectations for your life together and your future.
  8. If you now share a last name: are all identification documents updated? And is the entire trip booked in the new name?
  9. Don't literally take the other people with you on vacation. Don't just check your mails, look into the team chat, etc. They can do it without you!
  10. Arrange your honeymoon the way it is good for you and throw all expectations of others overboard.

10 tips for the romantic Honeymoon Guide

  1. For your honeymoon time, turn off the world and don't get distracted. Only you two matter now, and your experiences at your awesome honeymoon destination.
  2. Make your time together simply beautiful.
  3. Write loving messages to each other and surprise each other with them during the honeymoon. Put them on each other's pillows, put them in your (trouser) pockets.
  4. Think in advance about small sweet surprises for the trip, which you know your partner will love. A special trip, a concert, a massage....
  5. Make discoveries and experiences together that will strengthen your love.
  6. Take time to talk about your wedding. What moments moved you? Which ones are especially memorable? Look at the photos of the celebration, and also flip through your wedding magazine again.
  7. Take a good camera with you, if you have one. Often the photos will be more beautiful than only with the smartphone.
  8. Capture all your beautiful experiences with lots of photos. Be sure to take lots of pictures of the two of you together, and ask others to take pictures of you if necessary.
  9. Write down your thoughts and feelings. With distance from everyday life, it is often easier to feel your own emotions and get really close.
  10. The most important rule: enjoy the time together. Celebrate your love. Celebrate yourselves.

10 tips for the funny Honeymoon Guide

  1. Travel necessarily in the high season (eg summer vacations). Then you can really experience a lot at the resort and are guaranteed not lonely.
  2. You can save on the price of accommodation. You come anyway only to sleep in the room. Who cares about thin walls, wobbly, squeaky beds or visitors with many legs?
  3. Try new toys and sex practices on your honeymoon. It's best not to talk about what you feel like doing beforehand. The surprise will be gigantic!
  4. Use new products for hair removal just before the honeymoon, especially in the intimate area if you have sensitive skin. You can also experiment with epilators, hot waxes, etc.
  5. Why not put your in-laws in the same hotel in the room next door? This guarantees relaxation and an exciting time together.
  6. Write before separately a long to-do list, which you want to work off absolutely in the honeymoon. This is guaranteed to create a really romantic vacation atmosphere.
  7. Health insurance abroad? Travel cancellation insurance? Updated identification documents? First-aid kit for diarrhea, insect bites or rashes? Sufficient sunscreen? - That's just for the scared. You are traveling on behalf of love. Cupid holds his protective hand over you.
  8. Don't forget the chargers for your smartphone, tablet and game console at home! Try out new games, keep the team and friends up to date, and be sure to check what's going on at home. It could be a very boring time otherwise.
  9. Take a manageable amount of cash with you, and leave credit cards and the like at home. They will only be stolen. You only need air and love anyway - what should happen?
  10. Treat yourselves to a little fun before the gray everyday life of marriage begins. Take every party with you, drink the exciting drinks of your destination country and party as if there is no tomorrow.

Which honeymoon guide is your favorite?

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