Magazine software

Want to make your own magazine?

Are you looking for free magazine software?

In Jilster's online makerspace, you can easily design your own magazine, alone or together. Crossed the t's and dotted the i's? Then it's also possible to print. After you've created a free account, you can get started right away without any obligation. The Jilster platform is accessible everywhere. It is therefore not necessary to download the makerspace.

Making your own magazine is a lot of fun to do and it makes a great gift. Create a magazine and get it printed as a gift for a birthday, [wedding] ( or a colleague's farewell. Jilster's makerspace is also very suitable for use within the company, school or the health care system.

What does a printed Jilster magazine look like?

With Jilster, you can have a magazine printed in high quality. You are in charge of what the magazine will look like. You can print your magazine in several varieties.

A gift for a birthday, marriage, or graduation

Creating a magazine with Jilster is for free. You can create an account in no time at all. You can get straight to work on your magazine. You open the makerspace in your internet browser. There is no need to install special software.

You don't need any technical knowledge or graphical skills to create a beautiful magazine. In the makerspace you are able to create a personal magazine alone or together with friends, family members, students or colleagues. Everyone designs their own pages in the magazines. You can start from scratch or use one of the templates. You can customise these to your liking.

Use the magazine software in 4 steps:

We would love to give you soms tips to create magazine with Jilster.

Step 1. Create a free account
Register and give Jilster a go. It is free of charge, also when creating an e-magazine. You pay only when you order a printed copy of your creation.

Step 2. Start your magazine
As soon as you've registered with Jilster, you can start creating your magazine. You can invite your friends, family members, and acquaintances to collaborate with them.

Stap 3. Edit pages
You can get started creating your own magazine. Edit your pages with your own personal texts and photos or choose from a variety of clipart's in Jilster's makerspace. It is also possible to customise the prepared templates. This way your magazine will become exactly as you want it to be.

Stap 4. Printed version or online magazine?
Are you completely satisfied with the design of your magazine? Choose the version you desire and get your magazine printed. You can print your magazine starting from 1 copy.

It is also possible to share the pageflip of your own magazine online. With a personal link you can place your magazine on the website or share it via email and social media.