Make your own magazine

Ideas for content for a magazine

Making your own magazine requires no experience with Photoshop. With the online makerspace you can easily create a magazine. Jilster's makerspace is open and free to use. You don't have to download anything, there are no in-app purchases and there are no subscriptions. Only when you want to produce a physical copy of your creation costs will be charged.

Create your own magazine as a gift

A self-made glossy is a personal gift for a family member, friend or colleague. Do you have a friend who will turn 50 soon, parents who will soon celebrate their golden wedding or a colleague who is saying goodbye because they changed jobs? Then you have the opportunity to make a personalised magazine for him or her, together with your friends, family or other co-workers. You can make your gift in the form of a glossy or a hardbound book.

Your own magazine for every occasion

A magazine can be a gift for a birthday, wedding, or your colleagues farewell. There are also all kinds of business purposes. You can also make a magazine for your company, as a school assignment or as an aid in healthcare.

What will your own magazine look like?

Your magazine will be printed in high quality. Your own magazine can be printed in various styles. The most beautiful style is a book with a hard cover or a glued magazine. The latter is also called a glossy. The maximum thickness for these versions is unlimited.

Your own magazine for school

Making your own magazine for educational purposes takes many forms. Below are a couple of examples.

Leaving primary school

Pupils in their last grade of primary school really enjoy making a magazine together. And they just as much love it to receive one when they leave their school. Teachers and parents usually take initiative to have pupils make their own magazine as a farewell gift from the primary school. Their own magazine full of photos and stories about their school days is a way of preserving memories for later.

(Group) assignment

Making your own magazine is also suitable for secondary school students. They can work independently or together on an assignment and process it in the form of a magazine.

High school research assignment or report

Secondary school students who are working on a research assignment or report can design a digital magazine or printed copy in the makerspace. Jilster takes care of the production of personalised copies for the entire class or school department.


Making a yearbook can be done for school, the student union or as part of the school's anniversary. The students can collaborate online on the same magazine.

A company magazine

You can create a brochure, catalogue or staff magazine, together with colleagues or on your own. Or, for example, a magazine of your own, in the context of the company's or organisation's umpteenth anniversary. Lustrum books are a good example of what is possible in the makerspace.

The makerspace offers a lot of advantages for your company. It's possible, without a large marketing department, to easily create a beautiful magazine together with others (such as your colleagues, relations, and customers). You can also save on design costs, order very small print runs, make personalised offers, easily create several brochures with re-used content, and continuously update your magazine with new products and prices (e.g. catalogues).

Make your own magazine

How do you make an online magazine? Creating an online magazine is quick and easy. In 3 simple steps you can create a magazine and share it online:

1. Create a free account

Use the online makerspace and create an online magazine for free.

2. Create online magazine for free

Add your own photos, texts and pdf files and edit the pages as you see fit. You can also use templates and clip-arts.

3. Share your magazine with others

When your online magazine is complete, you can easily share your content.