Tips for a personal retirement gift

Will your colleague soon be leaving work because he or she is retiring? Chances are you don't want to let your colleague go quietly. Research even shows that retirees are happier when they celebrate the end of their career and the start of their retirement. A farewell should also include a nice farewell gift. A bottle of wine? A book? A bunch of flowers? Of course that is great, but a personal gift is even better. Create a beautiful magazine, together with your colleagues, full of photos and unforgettable memories.

Retiring means...
Retirement sounds like a good time, but don't underestimate how impactful it can be for someone. From one day to the next, you suddenly leave your working life behind you. No more 5-day workweeks with your colleagues. No schedule. But 7 free days per week to completely fill in at your own discretion. For one person this sounds like heaven. Another person could be really dreading it. A good farewell for your colleague is therefore very important to give this process a good start.

The special value of a retirement gift

Research among retirees, carried out by the University of Amsterdam, shows that a gift from both the employer and colleagues increases the joy of saying goodbye. Recognition for your work from both sides is an important part of a happy farewell to working life and the company. Especially for someone who is retiring. So why not go big with a personal retirement gift made by the whole team?

What kind of content to use?

You can put all sorts of cute anecdotes, photos of colleagues, funny office gossip, compliments and thank you notes in the retirement magazine. It might be a challenge to keep the farewell gift for your departing colleague a secret. It's so worth the trouble. He or she will certainly be happy, surprised or moved.
Or all of the above at the same time.

Do you need inspiration? Do you have trouble filling blank pages? Take a look at our templates in the makerspace. These are prepared for you in the 'farewell colleague' style.