Make your own cookbook

Make your own cookbook with all your favourite recipes. But also with your favourite restaurants, food tips and signature dishes. Have the family recipes saved forever. Grandma's kale with sambal gravy and sweet onion, your great-aunt's shortbread, your mother's chicken pie and your Canadian family's Thanksgiving Turkey. From your overload of purchased cookbooks, you may not have cooked everything yet. Party recipes, go-to recipes, wok recipes, etc. You can include all of these to bring all your favourite recipes together into one personal cookbook. If you like, you can also invite others to join in, and have everyone showing off their favourite recipe. So it is possible to make a cookbook together. Just like the dinner itself.

You can also improve each recipe a little by adding your own touch. A little pinch of yourself and a little of... Jamie, Donna Hay or Ottolenghi.
You don't have to wonder which cookbook the original recipe was in; you have everything in a single source of truth. Your own cookery bible, your Silver Spoon, your El Bulli.

After a dinner party, people often ask 'ohhh, may I have the recipe? If this is not just out of politeness, then keep this recipe and prepare that meal again. Often enough, such a recipe disappears into the Whatsapp history or comes out dishevelled from a washed pair of trousers. You collect these recipes in an online creation and invite the chef himself to join in.

How can you make a cookbook together?

  1. Create a creation in the makerspace.
  2. Give it a culinary title.
  3. Set up a template or give your co-creators free rein.
  4. Invite your cooking buddies.
  5. Assign 1 or more pages.
  6. Write a personal text as an invitation.
  7. Provide structure: choose a theme (world cuisines, healthy, vegan, easy & lazy,
    Divide the tasks and give a deadline.
  8. Order a sample.
  9. Share online or order a physical copy.