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Jilster makes it is easy to create both print and digital materials such as posters, books and magazines with the use of various templates. In our makerspace, pupils, students, parents and teachers can bundle and share stories together. By doing so, students will gain basic core skills to design effectively in two-dimensional design for scenes and print.

The most popular school creations:

  • Leaving primary school magazine
  • Yearbook
  • Portfolio
  • School research project
  • Thesis

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For Primary School

Using the makerspace in the classroom is a great opportunity for students to have fun being creative with a variety of engaging digital art projects and printed materials. By working together, students can make school newspapers, magazines, books, newsletters, yearbooks and more online.

More project ideas include:

make a school magazine - free templates

...choosing from an amazing range of school templates...

Easy-to-use templates
Browse our beautiful collection of templates for all kinds of school related topics. Easily customise a template with your own content, colours, fonts, and photos. You can also start from scartch and design your own template. Invite fellow students to co-create together on 1 project and share your creation through a link. Start designing for free on your browser.

book and magazine school templates

For High School & University

When creating in the makerspace, students improve their language, empathy and computer skills in a creative and inspiring way. They also learn to work together in different roles, further developing their talents. High school students use the makerspace for the following:

project magazine report template finally be published in the style and volume that you have in mind.

As a poster, professional magazine or as a book with a hardcover
Create a school creation to be enjoyed over and over again. Print, publish and share your project. You can order it as a PDF or get a free online pageflip of your creation. It's up to you how you would like your school magazine or book to be printed:

  • Stapled magazine with a matte cover
  • Stapled magazine with a glossy cover
  • Glued magazine with a glossy cover
  • Hardcover book
make a book, make a magazine school styles

Get inspired by what others have made before you...

A school creation is a collection of memories, learning experiences, moments, and emotions. At Jilster we try to share the most inspiring stories with you. They have their origin in different countries. You'll find the most inspiring maker stories about school creations here.

Most students find it boring to write an essay. However, writing an essay in a self made magazine is much more exciting. This way of teaching - making a magazine - allowed me to put in a lot of assignments in the area of writing skills. During the class I explained what an essay is, what an advertorial must meet and the students got writing plans. Using that information, they got to work. A new, appealing way to work on writing for students.

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